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Brumate Vs FrostBuddy | The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Feb 28

When it comes to keeping your canned beverages cold, there are many different can coolers to choose from. Today, we are going to look at the popular brand Brumate and how it compares to the up and coming Tik Tok sensation, FrostBuddy.

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About Brumate

BruMate was founded by Dylan Jacob, a young and successful entrepreneur who found an opportunity after turning 21. He noticed that there were plenty of beer cozies out there, but they never seemed to have the ability to keep the drinks cold long enough, and didn’t like the fact of having to drink warm beer, and found it wasteful to pour the last quarter of beer out. So that's when he began to work on inventing the first BruMate’s beer cozy. Each cozy and tumbler is made with stainless steel and insulated double-walled engineering that makes sure that your drink stays the right temperature for hours so you can enjoy your time drinking with friends, without having to deal with the unpleasant taste of warm beer.

About Frost Buddy

Brock and Mitch, are two brothers that founded Frost Buddy in 2020. They were switching from a slim can cooler to a normal can cooler, when the idea hit them. Why are people buying 3 or 4 can coolers from major brands such as the ones above, when they can create a Universal can cooler. So they began marketing online and created a product design. The brothers instantly gained millions of followers, likes, and views making their products a huge sensation. In the first 4 months of them being on the marketplace they came in as number 3 for thermo coolers. Their main goals is to always stay true to how they grew up in their small farm town in Newton Illinois, which is, faith, family and now Frost Buddy.

Brumate Vs Frost Buddy Comparison

Price - (Winner: Brumate)

When buying the right can cooler or tumblr we find the price somewhat important, and that’s pretty much the same with anything. And usually our first thoughts are the higher the price the better the quality of the product. With BruMate you can still get the same size can cozy or tumbler for $10 less than Frost Buddy’s can cozies and tumblers.

Brumate Discount Code:

FrostBuddy Discount Code:

Performance - (Winner: Brumate)

As an owner of both a Brumate and a FrostBuddy, I have noticed that my slim cans have stayed colder longer in my Brumate slim can when compared to my FrostBuddy all-in-one. I would guess that this has to do with how tight of a fit the slim can coozie is and how it is built specifically around slim cans. Don’t get me wrong, my FrostBuddy does a comparable job when up against a Brumate trio when sipping a Monster Energy 16oz, but it is a much tighter fit.

Colors - (Winner: Frost Buddy)

When it comes to the category for color and design Frost Buddy wins. Brumate has a large variety of colors and designs, but this time Frost Buddy out numbers them with just a slightly larger variety of colors and designs. FrostBuddy is constantly coming out with new designs as well.

Ease Of Use - (Winner: BruMate)

The Brumate wins with ease of use. Both Brumate and FrostBuddy are familiar in the way they function but what makes Brumate come on top is that there is no unscrewing of the top to replace your cans, unlike its competitor, FrostBuddy. While the FrostBuddy all-in-one does make it pretty simple to swap between slim cans and larger cans, you still have to keep up with the slim can insert, which is basically the same as having a designated Brumate for the slim can. Since I drink a lot of beverages that use slim cans, the slimmer cooler also feels better in my hands, and this is coming from someone with larger hands.

Warranty - (Winner: BruMate)

Once again Brumate wins, with their lifetime warranty compared to Frost Buddy’s 30 day warranty plan, which is just there for you to test out the product. It is no wonder how it came out as a winner in this category.

Brumate Vs Frost Buddy: Which Is Better?

It really comes as no surprise that Brumate outnumbered Frost Buddy in this survey. Though Frost Buddy has its own good qualities, it just can’t compare to Brumate and it’s lifetime warranty, any one who loves adventure needs to know that they’re covered. Having owned both, I prefer to grab whichever Brumate I need for the activities of the day. I am also a big fan of Brumate’s marketing, VIP program, and Facebook group where Brumate enthusiasts can show off their latest collection.

Brumate & Frost Buddy Alternatives

Now if neither BruMate or Frost Buddy fits your fancy, we have put together some other alternatives for your next can cooler or tumbler. We will go into a little detail talking about each brand, we will talk about both the pros and cons of each. The brands we will be going over are Corkcickle, Stanley, Hydro Flask, and finally Ozark Trail.


In 2010 Corkcicle was founded with the mission to keep wine at the right drinking temperature without the hassle of needing to keep ice in an ice bucket. So they created their original Corkcicle Air in-bottle wine chiller. In 2019 they decided to take a few steps further and brought more to the table to give you an amazing experience with every sip you take. And as they continue to grow and expand they stay dedicated to make their products sustainable and economical. They don’t end with that but their prices are budget friendly.


Founded in 1913 by creator William Stanley Jr., Stanley has been there through all the ages. Stanley has forever changed the way hot drinks were consumed, in 1913 William Stanley Jr. merged vacuum insulation and the strength of steel in one portable bottle, giving birth to the

all-steel vacuum bottle we know today. In the 100+ years since, his vacuum bottle evolved from concept to icon and has become an essential part of workdays, road trips and outdoor adventures.


HydroFlask has been able to help bring more awareness to the outdoors, not just with their products but with their Park For All, which is a charitable program to help public green spaces while promoting happier and healthier lives outdoors.

Ozark Trail

Ozark Trail is a Walmart brand name for camping gear. With that being said they are extremely affordable, you could buy 10 tumblers from Ozark Trail for the same price as their other competitors. Ozark Trail has a double-wall vacuum-sealed engineering along with high-grade 18/8 stainless steel that allows you to keep your beverage of choice to handle whether it be hot or cold. Another great benefit of this tumblr is that it is BPA-free, which gives you assurance on its safety when putting hot drinks, such as coffee or tea. This tumblr really outdoes itself with all of its benefits, like the non-skid bottom and locking lid, assures your drink staying in place while keeping the beverage inside the cup. And let’s not forget the ability to customize your tumblr to match your unique personality. Ozark Trail also offers a life-time warranty on their products.


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