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Can Brumate Be Used For Coffee?

If you’ve been looking for something to keep your favorite warm/hot beverages in while you are out and about Brumate has you covered. In this article I will be sharing how Brumate has what you need, and how to enjoy your favorite beverage. We will talk about how long you can count on having a hot drink, whether or not it is safe for the microwave, and how to get those pesky coffee stains out of the bottom of your Brumate.

Can Brumate Be Used For Coffee?

The question on whether or not you can use your favorite Brumate that you use to keep your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks cold, can also hold your hot coffee on the commute to work, can be answered with one word, absolutely! Brumate is definitely masters at making every drinking experience great. We can always count on Brumate to give us what we want.

How Long Does Brumate Keep Drinks Hot?

Brumates have been designed with an 18/8 stainless steel, which is designed to keep things cold while sitting at room temperature for up to 24 hours and is able to keep your hot beverage hot for up to 6 hours. To help prolong the time of keeping your drink hot I am giving you a quick tip. First you preheat your Brumate by adding hot/boiling water and letting it sit, then empty right before adding your beverage. Also if you enjoy creamer/milk in your coffee, warm it up before adding. Now if your coffee is too hot it is not recommended to add ice, instead leave the lid unlocked and open for a few minutes, and this will get it to the right temperature.

Can You Microwave A Brumate?

With your Brumate being made of stainless steel as mentioned above, it is not recommended for both your Brumate and microwave’s safety. Stainless steel doesn’t conduct heat the best. It will create hotspots in your food or beverage which leads to you getting burnt or even the possibility of starting a fire. So while stainless steel is safe to use in other ways it is not recommended to use in your microwave.

How Do You Clean Coffee Stains From A Brumate?

If you’re a coffee drinker then you know how coffee can leave a stain in the shape of a ring on the bottom of your mug, sometimes a normal wash can do the trick, but here is how if that just isn’t working. First you will fill your Brumate with hot water and then toss in the VooBru SuperNatural Cleaning Tablet. Walk away for 30 minutes, then rinse. If you have a real tough stain, leave it overnight and use a brush to assist with cleaning.


Thank you for reading, we have learned a lot together. We have learned that Brumate is good all day any day with its ability to hold all our favorite hot or cold beverages, non-alcoholic or alcoholic, they make it all possible. You know you can count on that hot coffee through the hole morning commute, so no need to risk the microwave, and went over how to take care of those pesky coffee stains left in your mug.


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