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Top 5 Brumate Cooler Accessories

Are you interested in making your experience with the Brutank from Brumate better? In this article we will discuss 5 of the best accessories that will improve your outdoor adventures. The first is the Black Ice Pack, the cup holder designed to fit your Brutank, a rod holder to help free up hands despite where your adventures take you, a lock to keep your cooler safe, and finally we will talk about how you can personalize all of your favorite Brumate items, or anything else with a flat surface. So keep reading.

Top 5 Brumate Brutank Cooler Accessories

Here are my top 5 accessories from Brumate for their Brutank cooler. With each one we will go over what they do, best way to use them and price.

Black Ice Pack

BLACK ICE™ was created to fully improve the length of time ice is kept than any other cooler while shortening the time it takes for freezing. It works as an ice addition, to help refreeze

top-melt and form block ice within your favorite BrüMate cooler. To get the most out of the Black Ice Pack, it is suggested to line the bottom of your cooler with the pack, and put regular ice on top. This ice pack comes to $9.99 before tax.

Brutank Cup Holder

Created to fit almost all BrüMate products without fault, the cup-holder sits securely in either of the front corners on your BrüTank cooler. The cup holder is made of stainless steel and silicone making it durable for most terrain. This cup holder is $24.99 before tax.

Brutank Rod Holder

The BrüMate Rod Holder is the latest accessory for your BrüTank cooler. It assists in freeing up your hands and gives you one less thing to carry on your next adventure. Whether you're a fisherman looking to free up your hands, or a beachgoer looking to set up your umbrella, the rod holder easily attaches to the front right-hand corner of the BrüTank and does not restrict your ability to open or close the lid. If you do plan on using it for a beach umbrella, ensure to dig or drill a hole deep enough to properly anchor it as the rod holder was not designed to act as an anchor point. This rod holder is $24.99 before tax.

Brutank Lock

The lock for the Brutank has proven great to help protect items kept in the cooler from unwanted guests or wildlife. Each lock is keyed differently so no need to worry about others coming and getting into your cold cargo. This lock is $14.99 before tax.

Sticker Pack

Personalize your favorite Brü's with Brumate’s new sticker pack. From a hippie van to a drippy skull, have you covered with all new designs that are one of a kind. Place them on all of your

favorite drinkware, BrüTank, bumper, laptop, notebook and many more. This pack of stickers is $9.99 before tax.


I hope by reading this article you have been able to find the right accessories for your Brutank. Whether you only get one or decide on all 5 you will not be disappointed.


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