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Which Yeti Fits A Bottle?

Today’s article will help you find the cooler that you have been looking for. This is great when it comes to fitting your favorite canned beverages, as well as your favorite bottled beverages. Yes, that is correct you don’t need to buy two different coolers for your cans and bottles, this colster from Yeti is able to hold both your favorite alcoholic or non alcoholic bottled and canned beverages.

As you keep reading you will read about which Yeti is able to fit your favorite alcoholic or non alcoholic bottled beverage, so you can take pleasure in the experience wherever you may be at, on the beach, out camping,or chilling in the backyard. We will get more into what size of Yeti has that is able to fit your favorite bottled beverages, we will be getting more into detail on how this is truly an amazing game changer. So let’s get into it.

What Size Yeti Holds A Beer Bottle?

So as I brought up in the paragraphs above, if you are searching for a can cooler that will also fit your beer bottle, Yeti has designed the right cooler for you. They have given us a 12 oz colster that will hold your beer bottle and keep it cold to the last sip. The 12 oz colster from Yeti is great for both, your favorite bottled or canned beverages. This compacted can colster doubles as a bottle colster with gasket, making this truly all you will need with the ability of being able to switch from your favorite beverage. This way, you can have a pleasant experience while you are at the party or at home, no matter where you and your crew may be.

What Is A Yeti 12 oz Colster?

What is this 12 oz Colster, you may be asking. Something you may have already known if you’re already a fan of Yeti, is that they make all their products with 18/8 stainless steel and double wall vacuum insulation that keeps the cold in, the heat out, and there’s no stress with it leaving sweat rings on furniture. Well it should come to no surprise that now they have done the same thing here, and with this 12 oz Colster. The way it works is that you get a gasket that screws on and locks your cans and bottles in without a struggle. With the 12 oz Colster from Yeti you will never need to worry about switching coolers when you switch up your drinking style.

A few additional benefits to the 12 oz colster from Yeti is the fact that they’re easy to wash, and even easier if you have a dishwasher. Just place it on the top rack and let the dishwasher do the rest.

Does Yeti Rambler Fit A Beer Bottle?

So will the Yeti Rambler fit your favorite beer bottle? Yes, as spoken about in the previous paragraph on how they have the 12 oz Yeti Colster that is able to fit all your favorite bottled and 12 oz canned beverages. This simple can cooler has a gasket that locks your bottle or can into place so you can keep it safe in the colster.


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