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Brumate Rotera Review | How To Use

In a world of cookie cutter water bottles, there are a slew of bottles on the market that all have the same basic features. However, most are built with profitability in mind and not the end consumer. At Brumate, they have designed a water bottle with the end consumer in mind. Today, we are going to look at the Brumate Rotera and all of the great features Brumate has built into this water bottle.

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About The Brumate Rotera Water Bottle

TwistSip™ Technology

The most stand-out feature of the Rotera is the patent-pending twist-to-sip straw lid. Designed with hygiene in mind, this lid allows you to open and close the straw without having to touch the straw. This lid is 100% leakproof when used with cold, non-carbonated beverages.

ColdKey™ Stainless Steel Straw

In true Brumate fashion, the designers on the team integrated a specifically designed stainless steel straw for the Rotera to minimize the amount of plastic that comes into contact with your water. This also helps to reduce plastic waste and makes cleaning the Rotera very easy.

Silicone Sleeve

Another great feature new to the Brumate lineup is the Rotera silicone sleeve. This sleeve is durable and swappable to keep your Rotera safe from drops while allowing you to customize your water bottle easily. With many different colors to choose from, you can mix up the colors to create your own unique Rotera.

24+ Hours Ice-Cold

To ensure your beverages stay cold for hours on end, Brumate has used their tried and true BevGaurd™ technology to keep your water ice-cold for 24+ hours. This technology also prevents your water from developing a metallic taste.

Wide Mouth Opening

A great water bottle makes filling it up with ice easy. Brumate knows this and created their Rotera with a wide mouth opening to allow for easy refilling in most icemakers.

Built-In Handle

Last, but certainly not least, the team at Brumate graced us with a built-in handle to keep our Rotera easy to take on-the-go. Built into the lid, the handle is also soft-touch for a comfortable feel.

How To Use Brumate Rotera

  1. Turn the soft-touch TwistSip band to the left.

  2. The built-in straw will lift up without having to touch the straw.

  3. Turn the soft-touch TwistSip bad to the right to lower the straw back into lid and close the Rotera.

Brumate Rotera Sizes

The Brumate Rotera is offered in 4 great sizes to fit your specific hydration needs.

  • 15 oz

  • 25 oz

  • 35 oz

  • 65 oz

Brumate Rotera Colors

As we have mentioned, the Rotera is offered in a variety of colors. To see the full list with photos, you can visit the Brumate Rotera page.

  • Sage

  • Red White Bru

  • Onyx Leopard

  • Gold Leopard

  • Matte Black Eclipse

  • Nightfall-Blue

  • Guava

  • Prickly Pear

  • Morning Rose

  • Dune

  • Rose Taupe

  • Mocha


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